A well rounded team of fitness, medical & wellness experts providing Western medicine, Eastern alternative treatments, personal training and rehabilitation services in a fully collaborative atmosphere, for one price.



Highly experienced, professionals will help you attain your goals, safely. Whether your goal is to learn, become conditioned, develop strength, lose weight, pre-natal or postpartum exercise – we have the right trainer for you.


After a comprehensive assessment to identify imbalances and the careful creation of an action plan your specialist will work to inhibit your overactive muscle knots, strengthening under-active muscles thus improving your alignment, mechanics and ability to move safely. Decreasing joint friction and creating an environment where the risk of injury is diminished, movement is optimized and healing can begin.


A more affordable option of five or fewer participants. Work out with your friends or ask to be paired (pairing may delay your start time).


Our blended approach uses a combination of traditional therapeutic methods like electric stimulation and ultra-sound with myo-fascial release, vibration, positional isometrics, medical exercise and soft tissue work to reduce pain & increase functionality. Pain management using our blended approach is overseen by Dr. Morgenstern.


Alternative medicine is pivotal in treating pain, anxiety, depression, tinnitus, infertility and many other maladies. Acupuncture, scraping, cupping and herbal prescriptions.


Our nutrition program will boost your metabolism and help you get them most out of your efforts while continuing to enjoy food. Whether you wish to lose body-fat, gain lean muscle, or simply live a healthier life, the limiting factor is almost always nutrition! Change your eating habits and you will have the power to change your life! Programs based on your metabolism & your medical concerns such as: diabetes, cholesterol levels and other diseases.


Orthopedic exams, general medicine, medical weight loss, physicals & pain management provided by Dr. Michael J Morgenstern. Well visits limited to every eight weeks.


A safe and effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure or vibration into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. By meeting the body at resistance instead of using force, the body allows the therapists hands to sink into the tissues allowing its deepest restrictions to relax and release without causing added trauma. Pressure can fluctuate between very light to very deep. There is no protocol or treatment itinerary as every body, every day, requires a different approach. Through self-treatment and regular maintenance, Myofascial Release is intended to be a long-term solution and lifestyle adjustment for continuous health and well-being.

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