A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. Give the ‘happy’ –

Happiness through health!

You’ve had to work when you weren’t feeling well, right? Then you know how this affected your productivity. Helping employees be at their physical and mental best is the goal of our wellness program. To this aim, we provide biometric screenings, health coaching, exercise classes and remote access to our team so your workforce can take charge of their own health and well-being. When your workforce is happier and healthier, it’s a win-win for your company & your employees.

Our Corporate Wellness Program

1- Implemented in three phases to gradually maximize employee participation (briefly described below)

  • Awareness
  • Implementation
  • Change



Health related concepts are introduced to your employees through monthly wellness newsletters & talks on topics ranging from workplace ergonomics to nutrition for optimal mental clarity, smoking cessation, beginner workouts etc… Topics are flexible and geared to the needs of your organization. This phase runs monthly for 12 months and employees can earn wellness points to use towards gym memberships, healthy food, workout clothes and more.


We provide weekly on-site talks and encourage employees to incorporate moderate exercise, healthier eating habits, meditation into their lives. If you have the available space we offer group fitness services directly on-site or in our facility. This phase runs during months two through twelve and includes fitness challenges, goal setting and rewards for participation like chair massage, acupuncture, grocery store gift cards and more.


This phase is about ACTION! We will provide weekly fitness & wellness classes and tie in our quarterly Fitness Challenge to boost awareness and participation. Not only a great team-building program but productivity enhancing one too!

2- Enrollment provides

  • Biometric screenings
  • Regular wellness talks & demonstrations
  • Health coaching & goal setting
  • Fitness challenges & rewards
  • Remote access to our entire wellness team so no question goes unanswered

The goal is to stimulate maximum wellness in the workplace, decrease sick days, increase productivity and morale by pursuing our mission, Happiness through Health!

If your company would like to maximize the happiness and productivity of it’s workforce, please contact us today!


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